About the letters

Some of the most important things I’ve ever expressed have been written down, so have some of the kindest words addressed to me. The letters I’ve kept, both written and received, bring back a passion, pleasure or pain that has faded since those words were initially put down. They are my little time traveling machine, set to the moments in my life when a conversation just wasn’t enough.

Many of my letters have been written to make sense of a jumble of feelings, to make order of my frustration, to untie the knot in my stomach. They usually appear at the end of a relationship when there is nothing left to say or nothing else to lose. Those are the ones I send. Those aren’t, however, the ones that will be ‘sent’ here.

The inspiration for this blog is all the letters I want to write but have no addressee. Some of the intended recipients may be known to me, but never named. Others may be named but not known. They are all just the baby in the restaurant, the people who prompt me to write, the ones that got my attention.


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