To The Empty Space

Dear empty space,

I don’t mind being alone in my waking hours. I have a thousand thoughts to occupy my mind. And even when I see other people together, I don’t feel lonely. I have company enough of the time. I only feel your absence when I contemplate sleep, and there is nobody there to whom to say goodnight. I liked having you here. You’re bigger than a plush toy and warmer than any blanket. You protected me from all the bad things that could haunt me during my most vulnerable hours. You were my companion in dreamland, and my good morning. And now, when I wake up the first thing I see is the sun, and it breaks my heart a little. There is nothing to keep me under the covers except the promise of more sleep, which is, as I said, no longer desirable. And I know there are reasons that you’re in your own bed a stones throw away. I realize that this was a temporary arrangement until you found your way back home. And I understand that there will be a time in the not so distant future that you will be my daytime companion, but that is not a comforting thought, because I have nightmares and you kept them at bay those hours you slept beside me.

Love Lili


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