I am the lord your author

There is a reason I write stories.

I write because, in life, I am not so bold.

I write for the pleasure of words unrestrained.

I write to feel fearless.

Even when my characters are tongue-tied, the words they manage to forge are intentional.

Even when my characters aren’t confident, I am.

I am their God.

I have their best intentions at heart.

I have a plan for them.

I control their reality.

I love them unconditionally.

I cry at their misfortunes.

I pray for their happy endings.

And when I pray, I pray to an author.

I ask that my God will be kind.

I pray to be the protagonist of my life.

Not to be character in someone else’s story.

Not to be killed in the second act for dramatic purposes.

I don’t want to be the comedic side-kick.

No, I want to be the star of my life.

I want it to be a classic.

I hope for an audience that laughs with me.

That stays with me.

And sometimes, I wish I knew what happened next.

I wish I knew if my words were created with intention.

I wish I was certain of the reaction they provoked.

That everything I said, and did, and lived was a set-up for everything I ever wanted.

I pray to my author for a happy ending.

And that when I recite these words I wrote for you.

That you will kiss me on cue.


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