2013: The Year of Ass-Kicking

Dear Everyone,

You may have noticed I was about as subtle as wrecking ball last year. That’s because 2012 was The Year of No Bullshit. I made a poster and everything. 2012 was about being honest when it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. It was about figuring what direction to head in and not make excuses for why I didn’t stick to anything. So, I moved three times. I worked at four different jobs. I said what I thought. I acted abso-freaking nutballs. And, I made a startling discovery that it’s not just me. You’re all a lil’ cray in your own way. And I love you for it, especially when you tell me about it. Makes me feel downright normal.

So, with such a fabulously fun year ending, you may wonder what to expect next. I felt that it was only fair to give you a little heads up that things are going to get rowdy. Oh yeah. 2013 is The Year of Ass-Kicking. That goes for my ass, your ass, that guy’s ass (just look at the closest person to you. I’m talking about them. You let them know their ass is mine). This year is going to take “no bullshit” to another level. It’s going to be a monkey flinging poo of a year. Stinky, messy, eye-catching, and damn freaking effective. 

How is this going to work you may ask? Well, 2012 helped me realize what I want, 2013 is about figuring out how to achieve it without making excuses. I’ve only given myself two objectives this year, and I’m feeling pretty good about holding myself to a higher standard. There’s going to be a lot of yelling, a lot of cursing, and I’m getting a little more aggressive. I’m going to surround myself with people who find joy in being the best version of themselves. I want us all to be at our best, so if I yell at you this year, or push, you’ll know why. 2012 got one foot firmly on the ground, the other one is headed towards an ass near you.

Love Lili


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