To the pretty young thing two barstools down from mine

Hey hey, hello.

Why don’t you c’mon over.

Come tell me about yourself little darlin’, little love.

Hey hey, hi there.

Come sit in my lap. Come give me some meaning.

What’d you call yourself? Life?

Hey now, I think I’ve seen you around here.

Hey now, have we talked before?

You look so familiar, but I’m sure I don’t know you.

Not yet anyways. Have a drink, it’s on me.

Where you goin’, huh? We just got started.

Hey, life you said? Why don’t you stay a while.

I’m not much to look at, but darlin’, I’m here.

So sit a while, talk a little, I’m curious to know you.

And I’m all ears. So come on over.

Yeah, hey hey, life, I’m talkin’ to you.


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